greater kashmir epaper 31/08/2016

The Reserve Bank of India has cautioned state-run lenders on overexposure to the retail sector. “It is not necessary that everything is hunky dory in retail,” S Vishwanathan, a deputy governor with the central bank, said on Tuesday. There is a need to ensure that stressed asset buildup is contained so that banks get back … [Read more…]

Bartaman Patrika epaper 31-08-2016

Amid protests from the opposition, particularly Trinamool, the Centre has decided to roll back its decision to make the Aadhaar card mandatory for availing DBT (direct benefit transfer) like subsidised LPG, public distribution system (PDS) supplies, scholarships and pensions after August 31. With nearly 22% population yet to have a Unique Identification Number, the state … [Read more…]

sambad epaper 31/08/2016

Odisha has opted to be in model-2 State of Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). The State will use both the front-end and back-end developed by the GSTN, said Finance Minister Pradip Amat on Tuesday. At the meeting of the empowered committee of Finance Ministers at New Delhi, Amat said the Odisha Government is prepared … [Read more…]