Airtel offers 135 mbps data speed

After preparing for a tariff war, India’s top telecom operator Bharti Airtel is gearing up to engage with new entrant Reliance Jio Infocomm on another front: data speed.

The company said on Wednesday it has deployed technology known as “carrier aggregation” in Mumbai and Kerala to combine different bands of spectrum and create larger blocks of airwaves to offer faster and more stable 4G data services for mobile users. The enhanced service enables peak download speeds of as much as 135 mbps, which is faster than what users get on a normal 4G network.

Experts said Airtel has virtually thrown down the gauntlet at Jio, which has touted 40-80 per cent faster broadband speeds as a big differentiating factor with incumbent telcos. In Jio’s ongoing trial phase, a relatively empty network has offered peak speeds of 80-90 mbps.

Faster speeds achieved through carrier aggregation will transform 4G into a better product for consumers and will give carriers an additional marketing handle, said Rohan Dhamija,