amar ujala newspaper 10/10/2016

Though it may take a few weeks for winters to set in the area, migratory birds have started arriving in the region.Exotic birds in large numbers from Pacific and South-East Asian countries come to Udaipur each year in search of food and shelter. The extreme cold conditions force these birds out of their habitation during the winter season.

“Migratory birds generally come from South-East Asia, Europe and the Siberian region which, at this time of the year, faces severe cold conditions. Due to the severe cold, water freezes thus creating problem of food, water and shelter for these birds,“ said Raza Tehsin, former member State Wildlife Advisory Board.

A fairly good number of birds of wagtail species that come from Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia and North-Western Siberia may be seen these days nesting around Udaipur wetlands and marshy areas. White and yellow wagtails, citrine wagtails, pied avocet, green sandpiper, wood sandpiper have been spotted here since some days now, Tehsin said.

amar ujala newspaper 10/10/2016 :