amar ujala newspaper 20/10/2016

Facing short supply of chanadal, an essential ingredient for several sweets and savouries, the state government has asked the Centre for 700 tonnes of it before the festival season. The state government will sell the dal for less than Rs 78 per kilo in retail shops.

At present, chana dal is being sold for Rs 90-Rs110 per kilo and the price generally increases ahead of the Diwali season as the demand increases.As chanadal becomes expensive, it can impact prices of sweets and savouries. Addressing the media on Wednesday , minister of food and civil supplies Girish Bapat said that since the supply of chana dal was short this year, the department wrote to the Centre on October 15 seeking additional stock ahead of the festival season.

“The Centre has asked us to sell the dal for not more than Rs 78. We will get whole chana, mill it and then sell it through retail stores,“said Bapat.

The supply has been affec ted as markets in main producer states such as Rajasthan and UP were closed for several days in the past month for holidays. Also, chanadal is mostly imported from Australia and because of the market fluctuation in that country , there has been a short supply .

amar ujala newspaper 20/10/2016 :