amar ujala newspaper 21/08/2016

Crimes against women have seen a marginal dip as the number of complaints registered in the state fell by 6.56% between January and June this year. However, cases of kidnapping during this period have seen an 18% rise.
The total number of all crimes against women were 20,301 -lesser by 1,425 complaints registered during the corresponding period last year.

At a meeting of the law and order situation on Friday , chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, who is also the home minister, was told that the number of rape cases registered had fallen by 5.57%, attempt to rape were down by 73%, molestation by 3%, dowry deaths were down 4%. Fadnavis was told that kidnapping cases are up as the apex court has directed that complaints of missing kids below 18 be registered as kidnapping cases.

The cities where the maximum crimes against women were registered include Mumbai, Thane and Pune.

Activists were, however, skeptical.Dolphy D’Souza, convenor, Police Reforms Watch, said it would be heartening if this were true. “The ground reality is different. Our study shows many people, especially women, are reluctant to approach the police to file a complaint.One is the fear factor and another is that a complainant does not know if the case will be properly investigated.“

amar ujala newspaper 21/08/2016 :