amar ujala newspaper 21/11/2016

Following the government’s announcement last week to provide Rs 10,000 as cash advance to non-gazetted employees, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha secretariats have asked State Bank of India’s Parliament Annexe branch to make enough cash available by Monday .

An official of Lok Sabha secretariat said they had 1,709 grade C and D employees and they were entitled to get Rs 10,000 as salary advance each. The exact number of such employees in Rajya Sabha was not available, though rough estimates suggest their number could be half of Lok Sabha’s.

“The request for cash availability has been made as per the government decision and personnel department’s circular issued on Thursday evening. By Friday , all formalities were completed and we informed the bank. This decision of paying advance cash will benefit banks and people as well. First, there will be less rush at banks and they can serve others better,“ said an official.

amar ujala newspaper 21/11/2016 :