‘Apple Watch’ Saves Teen’s Life, CEO Tim Cook Called And Offered Him Internship

‘Apple’, one of the biggest companies in the world has recently concentrated on the health capabilities of its devices specifically Apple Watch and fitness sensors in it. Apple has mainly highlighted the device’s health features and just a few weeks ago at its “Hey Siri” media event; the company showed off some Apple Watch apps that could help doctors keeps track of patients. The apps can even read the heartbeat of a baby inside mother’s womb.



Now the Apple Watch is being treated as a lifesaver in emergency situations. It helps the people to be controlled all the time and the same thing happened to a teenage boy who experienced the critical situation shares his views about Apple Watch. While he was practicing football, he found something serious. A 17-year-old boy had shared his experience about Apple Watch use.


Paul Houle Jr., Tabor Academy senior in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, discovered after one day practice that he had pain in his chest and back when taking deep breaths, along with a rapid heart rate. “After practice I went and took a nap, my heart rate was still at 145.” He went to the hospital and confirmed that he had a heart, liver and kidney failure, which could have been fatal if not for his watch.


“If my Apple Watch hadn’t shown me it was 145, I would have done nothing about it.” Some cases can lead to kidney failure and can be fatal and when Houle arrived at the hospital he was suffering from simultaneous heart, liver, and kidney failure. Although initially a skeptic of the Apple Watch, Houle’s father has recently purchased Apple Watches for both himself and his wife, thankful for the lifesaving intervention of Apple’s product in his son’s life.

Houle’s story is so remarkable that Apple CEO Tim Cook gave the teen a call. Speaking to Houle, Cook offered him a new iPhone for free, as well as a summer internship at Apple’s headquarters next summer. Since Houle’s story surfaced late last week, word of the ordeal reached Apple CEO Tim Cook, who contacted Houle with a personal phone call a few days after his diagnosis and recovery.