asomiya pratidin epaper 06/10/2016

The NF Railway General Manager Chahatey Ram has ruled out the setting up of a rail division in either Silchar or Badarpur. “A rail division cannot be set up either at Silchar or Badarpur, as these places do not have the sufficient kilometres of railway lines as per the norms”, Ram said at a press conference at Badarpur Railway Station, on Sunday.

Ram said that for a place to have a railway division, it must have at least 1000 kilometres of rail tracks, which both these places don’t have. From Lumding to Silchar and up to Agartala, via Badarpur, there are only some hundred kilometres of railway lines at present, he said. “In these circumstances, it is totally impossible to form a rail division at Badarpur, or Silchar or Agartala,” Ram said.

asomiya pratidin epaper 06/10/2016 :