asomiya pratidin epaper 20/08/2016

India’s aviation safety regulator has grounded three IndiGo pilots for a week for taking selfies in a cockpit while airborne, a rising phenomenon which distracts pilots and may endanger lives. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) officially warned some pilots of Indian carriers, and may soon issue guidelines prohibiting mid-air selfies in cockpits, sources said.

An IndiGo spokesperson said that the pilots have been de-rostered for seven days for selfies taken about 1.5 years back.

“This is not the only such case. Facebook and other social media profiles are full of pilots beaming in their seats while flying aircraft,“ said a source.

The American air safety regulator, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has already banned commercial airline crews from using personal electronic devices (PEDs) for personal work by cockpit crews.

asomiya pratidin epaper 20/08/2016 :