asomiya pratidin epaper 27/10/2016

Assam has highest number of incidents of environment-related offences among all north-eastern states, and it also figures among the top eight states across the country in this regard.

As per latest data from the National Crime records Bureau (NCRB), the State recorded a total of 105 environment-related offences during 2015.

Of the total, 31 were cases registered under the Forest Act, 1927, while as many as 74 were under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

Across the country, there were altogether 5,156 incidents of environment-related offences during 2015. Assam recorded the eighth highest number of such offences among all the states and Union territories.

Rajasthan with 2,074 incidents of environment-related offences was at the top of the table, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 1,779 and Jharkhand with 233. There were 211 such incidents in Karnataka, 181 in Andhra Pradesh, 127 in Maharashtra and 113 in Himachal Pradesh.

asomiya pratidin epaper 27/10/2016 :