Bartaman Patrika epaper 24-10-2016

The national-level entrepreneurship development programme that started in Kolkata last Tuesday -developing micro-solar domes conceptualised and invented by solar power expert S P Gon Chaudhuri came to an end over the weekend.The micro-solar dome that has been named as `Surya Jyoti’ recently got recognition from the Government of India.

The Centre is planning to install 10 million micro-solar domes across the country by the year 2018. The five-day national-level training programme was organised with prospective manufacturers from all over the country attending the programme. The total business opportunity in this sector is expected to be around Rs 2,000 crore in the next two years.

Gon Chaudhuri said the product will ensure light in millions of houses across the country and to those living in slum and rural areas will benefit the most. Dr Rajiv Sharma, head of technology missions division of the Centre’s department of science and technology and IIEST director professor Ajoy Ray were present at the inaugural programme. In all, 35 entrepreneurs from several states are attending the programme.

Bartaman Patrika epaper 24-10-2016: