Bigg Boss 10 Contestants Remuneration

Like every year, the makers of Bigg Boss 10 tried to get the best contestants for this season. And well, they did manage to get some well-known celebrities, despite the new concept of bringing in common people. Salman Khan welcomed seven celeb contestants during Bigg Boss 10’s glittering premiere night on Sunday. Stars Bani J, Rahul Dev, Gaurav Chopra, Lopamudra Raut, Karan Mehra, Mona Lisa and Rohan Mehra have made their way inside the house. According to reports, it took the makers of Bigg Boss several seasons to get Bani and Rahul on the show, who have been refusing the offer for many years. So why did they finally agree? Of course, money!

Bani and Rahul are apparently the highest paid celebs on the show right now. They are getting paid a huge moolah to be on the show. Another report states that Karan Mehra, better known for playing Naitik in hit television show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is receiving a whopping Rs 1 crore. It took the producers a lot of persuasion to bring him inside the house. Ultimately he agreed on the given remuneration. And this is apart from the money he will get if he wins the show!

We know that the housemates get a weekly fee depending on the weeks they manage to survive on the show. This weekly amount also depends on the group these contestants fall into as they are divided into top level, mid-level and bottom level category. But can you imagine how much its host Salman Khan receives? Hold your horses, he is paid between Rs 6-8 crores per episode! This is a 30 percent hike as compared to the money he got in the last season. Like host, like contestants!

Bigg Boss has become a platform to spin money and gain instant spotlight for the participating celebs. Blame it on the show’s format, the lousy fights, survival instinct or a platform for them to clear controversies around them, it does give any drowning career, a lift. Several fading names returned in action post being a part of Bigg Boss in the past. The money they receive is what these celebs charge to sell off their private lives to dozens of cameras for over three months.