Bigg Boss 10 Day 2 written update 18th October 2016

Celebrities ask Manoj that why isn’t he sleeping and create a fuss over it. Everyone wakes up in the morning. Swami ji compliments Mona Lisa that she dances really well. Manoj tells Karan that the food they are making is really bad. He uses the word ‘vaahiyat’. Karna and Manu (Manoj) get into a fight. Navin asks Manu that have you ever seen celebrities fighting with each other. To which Manoj replies that they are educated people and we are illiterates, as at least this is what they are portraying on screen. Manu, Navin, Manveer and Priyanka discuss how celebrities behave in kitchen. Priyanka orders Bani to which Bani says she didn’t hear her instructions and tells her she can repeat it adding the word ‘please’ to it. Priyanka gets angry and refers to the rule book. She tells Bani that they do not need to speak the ‘please’ world while ringing the bell for calling a Sevak.

Commoners keep ringing the bell to irritate the celebrities. Priyanka tells Gaurav that she wouldn’t say please to a Sevak and then she cries. Gaurav tells Bani that Priyanka was crying and requests her not to argue back as the commoners were plotting to send her in jail. Lokesh tells Bigg Boss that Swami ji needs new battery for his mic, and paints for making ‘trishool’ on the forehead.

Everyone collects in the common room. Salman Khan appears on the television and gives a task to the celebrities to guess one secret of each Indiawaale. Bigg Boss calls Gaurav and he reads about the weekly budget and the task given which is called ‘Raaz’. The letter states that if celebrities are able to guess maximum secrets of Indiawaale, then they will win the task and they will become the Maalik of the house and the commoners will become Sevaks.

Karan speaks to Swami ji and Lopa interrupts in between. Swami ji tells Lopa that he can’t break the trust of him. Lopa is annoyed and gets into a fight with Swami. She warns Swami of ever using the word dishonest for her. She blames him for being a fake person. Swami later even tells Gaurav to stay away from Akanksha as her motive is to trap him and get married to him. Gaurav rejects everything Swami tells him and says its is a television show, hence Swami should refrain from speaking such stuff.

Bigg Boss calls Swami in the confession room and asks him to stay in the limitations of a television show and not speak anything objectionable. Swami says that he will take care in future and apologises. At the dining table, he even confesses infront of everyone that he got furious and angry because he lost the task and for forgiveness from everyone. Lopa asks Swami to apologise to every woman of this house. Sevaks tell Swami that he should control his temper and control, as they might lose the task because of him.