Bigg Boss 10 Day 3 written update 19th October 2016

In Bigg Boss 10 episode 3, Priyanka Jagga makes a plan against the sevak group and asks Swami to go to bed without food and ask any celeb for food late in the night as he needs to take his medicine. Swami orders Monalisa to make food for him. She gets angry and questions how can he order food at midnight. All the sevak go into kitchen and make food for Swami.

Next morning, Bigg Boss wakes the contestant with ‘Parde me rehne do’ song. Swami tells Navin that Gaurav Arora is manipulating Akanksha Sharma by telling her that he will marry her. Then, Swami says sorry to Lopamudra Raut for speaking inappropriately to her. Lopa says that he should not claim himself as a ‘Devibhakt’ and he should prove this by his actions and not just by his words. Gaurav interrupts and tells Swami that people are using him and he should be aware of the fact. Priyanka tells Gaurav that he should not blame her of backing Swami.

Bigg Boss calls sevaks to solve another riddle for the task ‘raaz’. The riddle says “aasman ke chaand par dhyan se dekho daag nahi hai, par Bigg Boss kiss chaand pe dekho daag ek nahi hai”. Celebrities start discussing if this riddle is supposed to be taken literally.

Manu and Rohan get into a bad fight on dinner table. Manu abuses Rohan and yells at him. After seeing this, Monalisa cries and request Bigg Boss to take her out of Bigg Boss house she can’t handle people yelling at each other. Everyone tries to control Manu as he yells at Rohan by saying that he should stop segregating his team from the team of common people (Indiawaale). Priyanka takes Rohan to another room to explain to him that what he did was wrong. Celebrities decide to go by their gut feeling for the riddle. They announce the name of Lokesh. But Lokesh announces that their guess is wrong. Nitibha speaks to the camera that she got successful in manipulating celebrity gang as she was the right answer.

Celebrities are again called in activity room for solving the next riddle. Everyone gets happy as they assume the answer very easily. The riddle says “Apne desh se pyaar toh sabhi ko hota hai, par mujhe kuch Jayda hi hai, main apne desh ko pyaar ki missile se bachana chahta hu, kaun hu main?”

Bani answers the riddle by announcing Swami’s name. Swami Om accepts that the answer is correct. Swami tells Lopa that this secret was easy to guess, even a kid could answer this. Swami says that he knows ‘Tantra Vidya’ by which he can save the world. Celebrities are called to solve the next riddle in the activity area. Karan answers the riddle by taking Priyanka’s name. Priyanka answers that sevak’s answer is incorrect. Priyanka rings the bell and ask for water. Rohan serves water to Priyanka by pouring it on her face.