dharitri epaper 23/11/2016

Three separate teams of the Malkangiri administration on Tuesday raided and collected samples of pulses from the market for laboratory tests after it was alleged that traders are mixing ‘Bada Chakunda’ or Cassia occidentalis seeds in it.

Recently, an expert team investigating deaths due to non-Japanese Encephalitis (JE) virus had said that children have died after consuming ‘bada chakunda’ seeds. The district has reported 119 deaths, including 32 from JE, since September 8.

The expert team had contented that consumption of Cassia occidentalisaffects liver, skeletal muscles and brain. The chemicals can also result in permanent brain damage.

On Tuesday, an 18-month old child died of a non-JE disease while undergoing treatment at the district headquarters hospital in Malkangiri.

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