dinathanthi newspaper 05/10/2016

Minutes after Karnataka informed the Supreme Court that it had started releasing water to Tamil Nadu and would fully comply with the SC’s order, the court asked the state to release 2,000 cusecs of water daily to its neighbour from October 7 till 18. On September 30, the SC had ordered Karnataka to release 6,000 cusecs of water daily to Tamil Nadu from October 1till October 6. Karnataka had initially defied this order, as it had done with three earlier orders last month.

Karnataka’s counsel Fali S Nariman told the court that the state assembly had passed a resolution to release water and, accordingly , the state had released 9,000 cusecs of water on the night of October 3.

He said 12,000 cusecs of water would be released on October 4 and 5 and by 11 pm on October 6, entire 36,000 cusecs would be released as per the Supreme Court order. The bench asked Karna taka how much water it was ready to release from October 7 till October 18.

Karnataka’s advocate general M R Naik informed the court that the state was willing to release 1,500 cusecs daily despite the severe water shortage. The bench took this into account and ordered the Siddaramiah government to release 2,000 cusecs a day.

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