dinathanthi newspaper 17/08/2016

Tomatoes at Rs 8, onions for Rs 17 make a veg feast in city

The prices of onions and tomatoes took a steep dive due to overproduction in Karnataka and Maharashtra.
On Tuesday, the prices of onions came down to `17 while tomatoes from Bengaluru were selling at `12 per kilogram and the local variety of tomatoes was selling for ` 8 per kilogram.

Vegetable traders said that excess crop production was the reason for the drop in prices. In some areas of the city, tomatoes were selling at ` 5 per kilogram. S Nagarajan, a retail vegetable seller in Nungambakkam said, “Earlier, customers used to bargain and on Sunday, I had to reduce the prices of tomatoes and sell them for ` 5 per kilogram as I wanted the stocks to get over.Keeping them in the shop could spoil them.“

On Tuesday, the Koyambedu vegatable market saw 300 trucks from Karnataka bringing in tomatoes while the same number of trucks brought in onions from Maharashtra.

Traders said that the prices could fall further with the increased supplies.

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