dinathanthi newspaper 21/09/2016

The teacher eligibility test (TET) has put the prospects of about 3,000 teachers in jeopardy as they may lose their jobs in educational institutions across Tamil Nadu.

An order issued by the Tamil Nadu government in 2011 had provided five years for these teachers to pass the TET, failing which they would lose their jobs by November 2016. However, teachers argued that the test hadn’t been conducted in Tamil Nadu for about three years due to an impending court case and it was unfair on them.

Moreover, they pointed out that they were appointed on the basis of a seniority list given by employment exchanges and their certificates were verified between May 2010 and February 2011.

“Based on the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) notification, those teachers who underwent certificate verification after August 23, 2010 are required to compulsorily take up the TET. But the verification process had already begun for many of the teachers before this date even though the completion took time,“ said a teacher of a government school in Chennai.

“Both the NCTE and our Tamil Nadu Recruitment Board (TRB) say that if the appointment process has been started before August 23, 2010, passing TET is not necessary . The appointment process like issuing GOs, notification of vacancies, and asking for a list of eligible teachers according to seniority started well before August 23, 2010. Certificate verification however was done on several dates between May 2010 and Feb 2011while for some, it even took place in August 2011,“ said Murugan, district secretary of the Tamil Nadu Graduate Teachers’ Association, Madurai.

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