eenadu news paper 05-10-2016

The state government will soon begin acquiring land from ryots through a land pooling scheme for development of townships around Hyderabad.Farmers whose land will be acquired will receive a share of land in township based on the land value they contribute. Officials were on Tuesday instructed by KCR to formulate a policy and procedures towards this end.

The decision to begin a land pooling scheme to find space for construction of townships, each spread over 3000 acres, was taken by KCR. He said that by making the original land owners partners in the projects, the government will ensure transparency in township development process.

The government will give 1000 square yard plots to people whose land was taken by HMDA in Uppalbhagavat 12 years ago. HMDA had taken over 754 acres 12 years ago of which a portion of land was set aside for projects including metro rail associated facilities. The rest was developed into a layout, none of those whose land was taken over was not given adequate compensation. Decision to give plots to those whose land was taken over by HMDA was taken by CM on Tuesday .

eenadu news paper 05-10-2016: