eenadu news paper 05-11-2016

Following the Supreme Court’s orders, the state government will soon be constituting district fee regulatory committees, said education minister Kadiyam Srihari in a meeting with members of the Hyderabad school parents’ association (HSPA) on Friday .

Parents across the city have been fighting exorbitant fee hikes in private schools for a long time now. According to a press release by the HSPA, parents informed the minister that several schools have already started admissions for academic year 2017-18. “Schools are continuing to collect huge one-time fees quite contrary to government assertion in the court that schools are following the norm of maximum limit of Rs 5,000 on one-time fees,“ read the release. Parents submitted proof of collection of high one-time fees by some schools and demanded action be taken against them. They also pointed out that despite repeated circulars from the Central Board of Secondary Education and other government authorities, some schools did not even display fee structures transparently .

eenadu news paper 05-11-2016: