eenadu news paper 20-09-2016

Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has demanded that the Union government reconstitute the Krishna Water Management Board committee appointed to determine share of water between Telangana and AP.He said the expert committee was not a neutral one.

The chief minister has reportedly written a letter to Union water resources minister Uma Bharti on Monday . He said no prior consultation was held with Telangana government on the composition of the committee. He said the members of the committee should not be involved with projects and activities of one of the member states.

KCR found fault with the Mohile report, which he said, was one-sided, and biased against Telangana. A D Mohile, former chairman of Central Water Commission (CWC), was a technical member of the Justice Sri Krishna Committee on water resources.He was then given the task to look into the issues related to formation of Telangana. The chief minister said that there were objections to Mohile being a member of the committee.

Similarly , M K Goel, a scientist, is associated with the consultancy work for carrying out project-wise water availability and integrated operation of major projects in the Krishna river. The work was entrusted to him by the AP government.

eenadu news paper 20-09-2016: