Hindustan News 25/09/2016

Going on a Mumbai Darshan tour anytime soon? Be ready to get a lecture on the civic body’s clean-up marshal scheme rolled out in July this year.

In a further development to the controversial clean-up marshal scheme, the BMC has started writing to tourist agencies, asking them to inform tourists about the scheme and fines imposed by the BMC.

This comes in the wake of the recent claims of extortion from tourists and counter claims which were made by the police and the clean-up marshal agency respectively . Civic officials said they noticed that tourists would litter at places where the agencies would park the buses while taking them sightseeing. This would in turn damage the image of the city especially with crucial tourist destinations being littered.

In a meeting held recently of all tour guides at spots like Gateway of India and Marine Drive with the BMC, the guides were told to explain to tourists about the scheme. As most guides speak various languages, they were also told to explain the rules and penalties to those who do not understand the local language.

Kiran Dighavkar, assistant municipal commissioner, Award, said, “Now that the BMC has decided to withdraw the cle an-up marshal scheme from tourist spots, it is the tourist guides and agencies whom we have asked to inform tourists about the scheme. We have initially asked them to create awareness; later, we will begin imposing fines too,“ he said.

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