Hindustan News 28/09/2016

Every vehicle in Maharashtra will soon have to compulsorily display four digits on its numberplate. A circular in this connection was issued by the state transport commissioner’s office to all RTOs on Tuesday .

If a car’s registration number is a single digit like `7′, it will have to be displayed as `0007′ on the numberplate.Similarly , `220′ will have to be displayed as `0220′.

RTO officials said the rule will be initially implemented for new cars, two-wheelers, SUVs and other vehicles which arrive for registration.Subsequently , there will be awareness campaigns and the rule will apply to all vehi cles plying on the road, including existing ones.

But car owners were sceptical. “What is the point in bu ying a VVIP number like `1′ for a premium of Rs 4 lakh when I have to write it as `0001′ on the numberplate? Also in cases like `786′, the car owner may not want to precede the number with a zero,“ said Rohit Singh, who owns a car with a special number.

A senior transport official said four digit numberplates were made mandatory keeping in mind future technology. “We want to shift to RFID numberplates in which the scanner will identify four digits only . In that case, the number will have to be printed on the RFID plate as four digits, as `0007′ and not `7′.“

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