Hueiyen Lanpao Manipur Daily 14/09/2016

If the words of Dr Rajdeep Roy, member of Passenger Amenities Committee (PAC) of the Indian Railways are to be believed, the Silchar Railway Station will soon be upgraded into a full-fledged Railway Division.

“In a recent development, the Indian Railways has decided to upgrade three railway stations into railway divisions and the Silchar Railway Station features in the list. The work to upgrade the station will soon commence,” Roy said.

He was quick to add that as a member to the PAC, he has also urged the general manager of NF Railways to start intercity express trains between Silchar to Agartala and Guwahati.

“We have received a positive nod from Chahatey Ram, General Manager of NF Railways towards introducing the two intercity express trains,” Roy informed.

Further, the Silchar Railway Station which is an ‘A’ category station, will have a host of new amenities soon. In the words of Roy, the station will have a Coach Indication Board (CIB) and Train Indication Board (TIB), which has already been sanctioned.

Moreover, besides installation of four water-vending machines, expansion of PP shed and a well-managed parking facility, there will also be a food plaza at the Silchar Railway Station, he said. It may be mentioned that around 3,935 passengers travel from Silchar every day.

Hueiyen Lanpao Manipur Daily 14/09/2016 :