Hueiyen Lanpao Manipur Daily 18/10/2016

With the growing realisation that easing population pressure on forest land is critical to saving the State’s forests, the Assam Forest Department is implementing a French Development Agency-assisted Assam Project for Forest and Biodiversity Conservation (APFBC) across the State.

Assam has 499 forest villages – something that puts a lot of stress on the forests as the inhabitants’ livelihoods are largely linked to forest resources. The remoteness of the forest villages ensures that the benefits of general development schemes remain out of bound of the villagers, mounting their dependence on the forests.

The Forest Department has also embarked on a comprehensive skill development and entrepreneurship building programme for the Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs) and the Eco Development Committees (EDCs) of the State under the Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation.

Hueiyen Lanpao Manipur Daily 18/10/2016 :