Hueiyen Lanpao Manipur Daily 24/08/2016

As part of community services to the flood-affected people of Kaziranga, The Corbett Foundation, an NGO has undertaken a free veterinary camp programme, wherein a team of veterinary experts have been visiting villages like Difflopathar, Tamulipathar and other adjoining areas near the eastern range of Agaratoli of Kaziranga National Park.

According to Dr Navin Pandey, the main objective of such free community services is to provide a helping hand to the people at their homes, whose cattle and other livestock are suffering from post flood-related diseases like dysentery, worm- related infections, Foot and mouth disease and other bacterial infections. Altogether, 67 houses have been covered.

It is worth mentioning that most of these villagers belong to the BPL category and are not in a position to bring any good veterinary doctor to treat their cattle and other livestock. On the other hand, as a part of its noble effort to create awareness among the schoolchildren of Kaziranga area, the Corbett Foundation has selected ten schools of the locality to impart knowledge about local geographical and other conservative issues through which students can be facilitated to handle wildlife-related crisis that may arise from natural calamities like flood. Topics like primates of Assam, the decline of vultures, snakes around us, biodiversity etc., have been selected to be taught to students of selected schools.

Hueiyen Lanpao Manipur Daily 24/08/2016 :