Madaari kamai

The Rajnikant starrer Kabali has taken a better opening than Madaari in the Hindi markets. Madaari opened at around 7-8% while the opening of Kabali (dubbed) is around 15%. The opening down South will be phenomenal due to the star power of Rajnikant in those markets. The Tamil version playing in Hindi markets has also taken a very strong opening with shows in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune and Kolkata having a housefull or near housefull turn out.

The main Hindi release of the week Madaari fared poorly with around 1.75 crore nett with a minimal turnaround in the evening. the film has fared a little better in Delhi NCR and East Punjab as this are has contributed almost 50% to its all India collection. In this area the film is similar to Kabali (Hindi) but most of the other parts are much lower.

The Hindi version of Kabali may have opened better than Madaari but still the opening is not really upto the mark. It remains to be seen how it goes in the next few days. Rajnikant does not have much of a audience in places like North and East India (excluding Odisha) but there is a fair market for him in Mumbai, CP Berar and Odisha and these circuits could out perform. The problem could be the cost of 15.50 crore in the Hindi markets which means 35 crore nett just for recovery.

Madaari will find it tough going as the film film had little appeal for an initial in terms of cast and music. The presence of Irrfan Khan does give the impression of an off beat film even though it may not be and generally audiences stay away from these type of films. It will have to settle for second best behind the dubbed Kabali.