Pandaga Chesko Review

Story: Karthik (Ram) runs his own company in Portugal. One day he is tracked by Weekend Venkata Rao (Brahmanandam) who wants him to marry Anushka (Sonal Chauhan) another business woman who is in a rush to find a groom so that she does not miss out on her Rs 3000 crore property. Well, meanwhile Karthik goes to India and ends up meeting Divya (Rakul Preet Singh). The rest of the story tracks Karthik, Divya, Anushka and is about who gets who.

Gopichand Malineni plays safe and does not move away from the formula.


Few dialogues



Kona Venkat is probably associated with more or less every film that releases every week. So, it is not humanly possible to come up with a sparkling script every single week and Pandaga Chesko is one such film that sticks to the formula to the core.

A rich NRI boy comes to India and tries to marry his uncle’s daughter after bringing them together.
Well, the story is old and so is the narrative. But the story has been repackaged to suit today’s times and the dialogues are pretty interesting especially during the first half. Kona Venkat and his team have some interesting scenes tucked in here and there.

In fact, there is no consistency as far as entertainment element is concerned as the story jumps up and down in an uneven pattern. But the producers did spend quite some money on the concept and on the locations, though the second half is wrapped up in a set.

While the first half is breezy, the second half is the typical ‘hero-goes-to-heroine’s house’ and the age old brother and sister fight revisited. This makes the film a bit tiresome to watch during the second half.
Well, if one likes formula films with a dash of entertainment, then the film is for them.

Verdict: Some How Better