prabhat khabar epaper 07/09/2016

Social crusader Anna Hazare on Tuesday said the dream that he had visualised with Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had been shattered.

Expressing disappointment over the removal of three ministers from the party in recent times for various reasons, Hazare said, “I was hoping that AAP would be different from other political parties. However, whatever I have been hearing… three out of six ministers have been removed from the party because they were found at fault, disappoints me. Many others were also removed. I was not expecting this.“

Hazare’s remarks came in the backdrop of the arrest of AAP MLA and Delhi minister Sandeep Kumar, who has been accused of rape.

“It is my misfortune that a dream I was visualising with Arvind (Kejriwal)… that dream is shattered,“ Hazare said.

The Gandhian said he and Kejriwal were working together for many years. “I was not expecting Arvind to float a political party with such people (having allegations against them) being a part of it. First, I said nothing would happen by floating a political party . Despite this, they formed a party . I then told them I would go my way as they had opted for a different path. I was sure about following a path led by Gandhiji,“ he said.

“However, I was still hoping that Arvind’s party would set an example. I have been saying for many years that a party worker should have a clean image and should be willing to sacrifice his life for the country . This is why I was hoping that this party would be different,“ Hazare said.

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