prabhat khabar epaper 09/10/2016

The Prime Minister’s Office has received over 1500 petitions a day for the last 20 months. In response to a RTI query , PMO revealed that it had received 10 lakh petitions -that are RTI applications, grievances, complaints -between June 1, 2014 and January 31, 2016.

Gurgaon-based Aseem Takyar had sought to know how many complaints and grievances were received in the Prime Minister’s office since PM Narendra Modi took charge two years back.

The PMO in its response said, “Information sought is too vague and wide. It may, however, be informed that from June 1, 2014 to Jan 31, 2016, approxiametly 10 lakh petitions were processed.“

Many of the questions that have been put out by the PMO as frequently asked appear to be frivolous ones.These include seeking to know the number of gas cylinders used by the PMO, spending on spices and vegetables used by the PM, what was the speed of the internet at the PMO (which is 34 mpbs), his daily schedule, the details of visitors, list of phone calls made to and by the PM and his staff, who manages the twitter, picasa, facebook account of the PM (who manages it himself according to the PMO reply), which compa ny manufactures the teleprompter that the Prime Minister uses and who pays for the expense, even questions like if the PM has read the Indian Constitution.

prabhat khabar epaper 09/10/2016 :