rajasthan patrika epaper 02/10/2016

Celebrations on Gandhi Jayanti has brought along with it four new schemes and initiatives in health in the state.
Health department will launch schemes like “Family Centre Care“ for better care of pre-mature babies and underweight babies in sick newborn care units (SNCUs), e-Saadhan for population stabilisation, Prasav Sakhi for better maternal care and online software for Balika Sambal Yojna for girl child.

In May this year, Ajmer’s medical college had witnessed sudden increase in deaths of infants admitted to SNCUs. Now, health department will launch a Family Care Centres (FCCs) to rope in attendants of infants admitted to SNCU for his better healthcare. Officials said at FCCs, trained health workers will provide relevant information to attendants on how to care infants with low birth weight and pre-term babies at ho mes. It will help in encouraging participation of attendants in treatment of such infants.

National health mission (NHM) mission director (state) Navin Jain said on pilot basis, such FCC was set up in Alwar’s district hospital in 2015 in corporation of Norway India partner Initiative (NIPI). Now, it will be expanded to 35 district hospitals, where SNCUs are situated.

health department will launch a scheme `Prasav Sakhi’ for better maternal care. A Prasav Sakhi will be from the family of the pregnant woman, who will remain in the hospital at the time of birth of the baby to provide emotional support to the pregnant woman and also help her in getting healthcare facilities on time. On the basis of pilot project, the project will be launched in 30 district hospitals of the state.

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