rajasthan patrika epaper 06/09/2016

The food bowl of Uttarakhand, Udham Singh Nagar district, is witnessing an outbreak of pests and diseases in soyabean crop plantation after incessant rains last month.The crop, which is just twomonths-old, is struck by mesh blight and yellow virus, while the leaves are eaten by caterpil lar. This has made it difficult for the soyabean plant to photosynthesise.

“It’s been only two months since the crop was sown and already 30% plants have fallen prey to the pest. The tropical climate of lowland of Terai is ideal for soya bean cultivation but only for areas with proper drainage system. Due to water logging in the fields this season, soya crop is hit by hairy aphid pest.The larvae have begin to eat the leaves which has repressed the photosynthesis process of food manufacturing in plants,“ renowned agri-scientist of the region, Dr Anil Hafeez told .

He said that vilt mesh (yellow mosaic virus) is also ruining the crop grown over 7,000 hectres of land in different regions of the district.

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