rajasthan patrika epaper 16/09/2016

State discoms are gearing up for reintroducing the spot-billing system across Rajasthan for which the department has also invited technical bids.

The spot-billing system, this time to be introduced in the rural areas feederwise, will enable a customer to pay the bill amount to the person who updated the meter-reading and prepares a bill instantly.

This will cut short the long queues at bill collec tion centres, making bill payment more consumerfriendly and convenient.

The pre-bid meeting for the spot-billing system is scheduled for September 20, when discom officials apart from discussing the technicalities with the bidders will also get a feedback from the consumers.

Over 20 lakh consumers would be covered by Jaipur discom in the first phase.The cost to be incurred is expected to be Rs 12 crore per annum for each discom. This is not the first time that state discoms are try ing for a monthly spot-billing system. Rather, it was earlier launched in urban areas but the system collapsed completely with grievance cells being flooded with complaints. The department, which has introduced spot-billing as one of its major reforms and ambitious projects, was forced to withdraw it. Officials now claim that the relaunch would be done after reworking on the entire system and addressing the faults.

During first attempt, most complaints revolved around irregularities in meter-readings. The irregularities were found to be deliberate where the deployed person for meter-reading manipulated the bill amount as per the demands of the consumers.

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