sambad epaper 03/08/2016

The city’s cup of joy overflows. For the first time, three lakes providing potable water to Mumbai overflowed within 24 hours on Tuesday morning, taking total supplies available to 11.89 lakh million litres. This is roughly 81% of the water required by the city in a year.

BMC officials said the monsoon has proved to be more than bountiful for all the lakes and reservoirs which feed the city . There are seven of them and they need to have 14.37 lakh million litres by September 30 so there are no cuts the rest of the year. The city consumes 3,750 million litres of water every day .

So far four lakes have over flowed, of which the smaller two, Tulsi and Vihar, are located within city limits. Modak Sagar and Tansa began overflowing on Monday .

Mumbaikars struggled with a 20% water cut till last month due to poor rains in 2015. Even in 2014, the monsoon had picked up late. It’s been a good monsoon so far for the city as a significant 1.58 lakh million litres of water accumulated in the seven lakes supplying water to it after just 24 hours of good rain. Mumbai needs a supply of 3,750 million litres per day . Moreover, while four lakes are already overflowing, the remaining three supplying water to Mumbai–Bhatsa, Upper Vaitarna and Middle Vaitarna–are three to five metres away from their overflow levels.

“There has been significant rainfall recorded so far in all the catchment area lakes and much more when compared to the same period last year. It is for the first time that three lakes started to overflow in less than 24 hours time, between August 1-2,“ said a civic official. For example, total rainfall received in Tansa lake so far was 1597.8 mm, while last year 1163.8 mm of rainfall was received in the same period.

Vihar overflowed on Au gust 1at 4.20am and Modak Sagar reached its full capacity at 10.28pm. Tansa was filled to the brim on Tuesday at 2.10am.Tulsi, which overflowed on July 19, supplies 18 million litres every day to Mumbai, while 90 million litres are brought from Vihar, and around 455 million litres of water each from Modak Sagar and Tansa.

Activist Shyama Kulkarni said with most of the lakes overflowing, the civic body should put in place measures to ensure the city does not face a situation like 2015 when water cuts lasted the entire year.“If there’s poor rainfall next year, we must be ready by putting the right measures in pla ce now,“ said Kulkarni.

Even in 2014, the monsoon had picked up late, leaving a deficit which the city’s managers struggled to bridge.

Light rains continued in Mumbai on Tuesday . The IMD forecast intermittent rain was likely to occur in the city and suburbs in the next 24 hours. V K Rajeev from IMD Mumbai said an increase in wind speed and the cyclonic circulation over Gujarat were some reasons for the rains in Mumbai.

sambad epaper 03/08/2016: