sambad epaper 31/08/2016

Odisha has opted to be in model-2 State of Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). The State will use both the front-end and back-end developed by the GSTN, said Finance Minister Pradip Amat on Tuesday.

At the meeting of the empowered committee of Finance Ministers at New Delhi, Amat said the Odisha Government is prepared for implementation of GST from next financial year. A special session of the Assembly has been convened on September 1, 2016 for consideration of ratification of the Constitution (122 Amendment) Bill, 2014 for GST. The meeting of the BJD Legislature Party (BJDLP) scheduled on August 31 for the special session has been deferred to September 1. GSTN will install network equipment inside Odisha State Data Centre (OSDC) and provide dual connectivity to Odisha, Amat said and added that one of the Internet service provider (ISP) has already completed the survey of the OSDC.

sambad epaper 31/08/2016: