Vasuvum Saravananum movie review


Arya (as Saravanan) and Santhanam (as Vasu) are thick friends who are much vexed with life due to their love. Tamannaah (as Aiswarya) and Bhaanu (as Seema) play the love interest of Arya and Santhanam respectively.

The Story gets more interesting on the flash back sequence where later their individual love tale that becomes a barrier to Arya Santhanam friendship.

Both the actors go against womenhood (girl friends and wives) who repudiate their man (boyfriend or husband) by blaming them with petite reasons.

The rest of the story remains how they overcome these barriers, which is narrated in interesting way with a commanding script of director M Rajesh.


The witty dialogues and the way the screenplay s framed, that engages the audience well clearly shows that the director Rajesh is clear winner with VSOP. Though it has little resemblance of SMS, BEB and OKOK (his previous 3 movies), still the movie VSOP welcomes you to get gripped with the laugh riot script.

When seeing the cast wise performance, Without doubt, Santhanam is clear holder of the movie with Arya. His characterization is so well scripted to hold the film strong. Credit again goes to the director and actor Santhanam for his king of timing.

Arya, Tamannaah and Bhanu are other vital characters that is well illustrated in the frames. The particular scenes where the four leading cast meet Swaminathan (as Point to Point Padmanaban) , Sidharth Vippin (as Ashwin) and Vidhyu Raman (as Kausalya)

Similar the Lucka Maatikuchu will guarantee audience to enjoy well for Santhanam.

Tamannaah is much beautiful and expressions and dialogue modulation are something which has come out very well than her previous films. Bhanu does her character neat.

Vidhyu Raman is showing more promising movie after movie.. She is making a strong foot hold in kollywood slowing filling the gap of Female comedy lead. Her mannerism, timing and voice is big plus to this beauty damsel.

Music, Imman is average with 2 songs and it is not his actual standard of giving a solid album that he has continuously given in recent times. VSOP becomes his exception.

On the gap, there is little forgivable when there is lot of time to laugh.. VSOP assures you that..