WhatsApp tagging option in the group chat

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is adding features after features on its chatting services.

These new features are an instant hit among users because of the convenience they bring along.

Newest in the feature is the tagging option in the group chat.

Now you can tag your friends on WhatsApp group chatting. The tagging is very similar to that on Facebook and twitter –it comes with the option @.

To tag your friend, just use @ symbol and type the name of the friend after that. Don’t use space. A notification will pop up immediately on his/her phone. This will alert your friend even if he/she has kept the chat list on mute.

You can tag more than one person in each group chat message. Currently, the feature is available onl y on Android and iOS, but not on the web app.

WhatsApp has also expanded the maximum amount of people in a group chat from 100 to 256.